Police Report of "SAVIE" infringement by Oasis

Police Report of "SAVIE" infringement by Oasis. Here is a part of the report.


Translation : 2020/12/26 -  I have come to the Royal Thai Police Station Ratburana branch to inform that "SAVIE" having a trademark of Nitrile Powder Free Gloves registered on 2020/9/1 having the registration number 200132784 at the Thai Department of Business Development, has been infringed by the use of out of date documents (JV - MOU between SAVIE - OASIS 999 Co, Ltd - ORGATEL Co,Ltd) and without express permission,for their use by the following two companies and their representatives OASIS 999 Co, Ltd / Mr.xxx, and Orgatel Co, Ltd / Mr.xxx. They have no right to use the Savie name, and their distributorship agreements were terminated as of 2020 / 10 / 14.

May it be known that by The Kingdom of Thailand Law enforcement as well as international law enforcement, Ms.Savitri is pursuing this case and has posted a Fraud alert on www.savie-glove.com 

Referring to Fraud and infringement of brand, Ms.Savitri came to the Ratburana police station to make this complaint about the crime as charged and is pursuing the case until further notice.